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E-Mail Encryption and Signing within Allianz Group

Allianz Group provides an infrastructure for the encryption and signing of E-mails between business partners or customers and staff members based on the well-known S/Mime standard to protect E-mails including attachements.

To be able to securely exchange e-mail with Allianz employees business partners and customers are required to perform some preliminary steps (e.g. get a digital certificate, sometimes also called digital ID, from a trustworthy certification authority). These preliminaries are described in the Guidance section where you will find instructions to get up and running with S/MIME taking full advatage of its security benefit..

In case your E-Mail client has not yet been configured to use digital certificates and secure E-mail, you will find some advice and a collection of relevant internet links in the Configuration of E-Mail Clients section.

Allianz Group compiled a list of certification authorities in compliance to the E-mail policy of Allianz Group which is updated regularly and published in section Approved Certificate Authorities.


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